Muslim Bookshelf

At Muslim Bookshelf, we hope to provide a place where you can buy good quality, interesting, Islamic books for range of ages. It is also a place where you can get ideas for activities, arts, crafts and lessons both with and without our books.

Who We Are

Assalamu alikum,

I am Layla. I’m a mother of three, Primary school teacher and a Muslim. I decided that I wanted a place where you could buy Islamic children’s books and get some great ideas for activities both related to the books, Islam and for fun.

So here it is!

What I Do?

We hope you enjoy our hand-selected books and shopping with us . We also hope you enjoy the blogs and get some good ideas from these.

Winning Our Goal

  1. Promote a strong and positive Islamic identity in our children
  2. Encourage a good knowledge of our faith
  3. Create memories with our children
  4. Get creative, messy and playful with our children
  5. Education them through an interesting, engaging way