Painting on Windows?

Painting on windows? Yes, painting on windows.

I was thinking of an activity to do with the children when they got home from school, then I thought, “let’s paint on the windows in the porch”. Ok, so our front door is a double glass door and has a surround which is all glass. People can therefore see into the porch. I had previously bought this sticky film which looked like frosted glass but in honesty it looked horrible. I kept it on for months, nevermind it’s off now.

When I was a primary school teacher, I would often paint onto the windows in my classroom. It made the classroom bright and the children loved it. I would keep the paintings in theme with what we were learning and it was like having extra display boards. So I knew you could paint onto glass and it wipes off easily.

I had to explain to my children a number of times what the activity was. At first, they thought I meant paint a picture and stick it to the window. Secondly, they thought I meant paint the window frame with a varnish. After a few more ideas, they finally got the activity. We looked at some ideas on the internet: stained glass windows, art on glass and of course, emojis.¬†We got painting on the windows using the children’s ready mixed paint.

This activity is great to do in your children’s bedrooms, the playroom or any room where they spend time. All my children got involved including my one year old. We had great fun doing this activity, hope you guys enjoy doing it too.



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