Activity for All About Prayer (Salah) Activity Book


This book is brilliant for children of a variety of ages. It is recommended for 3-7 years old, however, my 8 year old and 10 year old loved doing the activities the other day.




The books provide calm and useful activities. My 8 year old girl completed the colouring in and placing all the stickers in the correct places. We were able to discussion the 5 prayers, the difference between a dua and salah, the times of the different prayers and the names of the different salah.



My 10 year made his own Salah timetable. I could have made one for him on the computer and it would have been nice, neat and professional but children learn more from doing things themselves. He was able to practise using a ruler, drawing straight lines with the ruler, work out how many rows and columns he needed and knowing the names of the Salah and their order.


There are many additional activities to can do alongside All About Prayer (Salah) Activity Book:

  • Design a prayer mat
  • Prayer log book
  • Prayer timetables


All About Prayer (Salah) Activity Book

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