Lesson ideas for Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher

Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher is a really lovely book full of bright, colourful, child-friendly illustrations. The story is about an adorable tabby cat who has lost his friend, Abu Hurayrah, and sets out to find him. As the Cat waits in the mosque, he sees a sneaky snake slithering up a man’s sleeve. The cat must protect the man! It is a perfect bedtime story book but it also has lots of opportunities for discussion and further learning.


Topics to discuss using Hurayrah the Cat

There are many subjects and topics the book could lead you to consider in your learning:


  • Madinah (look at the country and continent it’s in)



  • Grouping animals (using the animals featured in the story)
  • Water cycle (linked to an Oasis, such as the city of Madinah)


Islamic studies

  • Discuss the importance of Madinah
  • Learn the Adhan
  • Learn about Abu Huraryah and the many hadiths he narrated
  • Learn about Qaswa in more detail



  • Create a desert scene with an oasis
  • Draw a cat in a cartoon style
  • Make a 3d market place using cardboard boxes



  • Speech marks – write using speech marks: what could the doves in the story have said
  • Retell the story using small drawings: write sentences under each one to retell story
  • Order the story: using small images order the story
  • Write a list using commas (what they could have sold at the market)
  • Character description
  • Setting description
  • Reading comprehension


Download and print out a mind map of these ideas here: lesson ideas for Hurayah the cat

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